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EP 12 — CARR Machine & Tool’s Jim Carr on Navigating Compliance and Culture in Defense Manufacturing

On this week's episode of the DIB Innovators podcast, David speaks with Jim Carr, President, CEO and Owner of CARR Machine & Tool, who shares how growing up in the family manufacturing business gave him insights into entrepreneurship, such as how to forge a strong company culture by connecting with your team. 

Jim discusses the challenges and successes of working with the defense industry such as navigating strict compliance measures, reflects on the relative ease of marketing in today's social media, and sheds light on the pivotal role of networking. 

Topics discussed:

  • Journey in the manufacturing industry, from deciding to work in his parents’ shop at 18 to being the sole shareholder and President.
  • Strategies for company growth and navigating challenges in the industry, such as finding your niche and doing what you’re best at.
  • Fostering a strong company culture with emphasis on core values, such as getting to know your team no matter how high up you are.
  • Insights on working with the defense industry and compliance measures.
  • The importance of networking and building relationships for business success.
  • Effective marketing strategies and brand visibility tactics, including using social media, which is free and relatively easy.
  • Security protocols and considerations in manufacturing operations.

Guest Quotes: 

“I just knew that if I wanted to be successful, I had to put the time in, because if you want to. I firmly believe that success doesn't come on a silver spoon. Success comes to the general public. Success comes to people that work hard to get it.”

“And when those outside entities come to CARR and engage with us, they feel that energy and they feel excited to be around us and part of that culture.” 

“I knew we needed a logo that represented what an aerospace manufacturing company should look like. And it's a very simple design, but yet, if you'll notice in the A, just the A is a little different, but it looks like a wing of an airplane. So that's how, that's the design behind that. But logos are very important.” 

“Only do what you can do well, I highly recommend that to anybody in this business. Focus on your niche. There's riches in the niches, let me tell you.” 

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