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Expertly driving and executing your day-to-day cybersecurity operations

Platform-Powered Managed Security Operations

Our 24/7 vSOC leverages AI and cybersecurity experts to keep you safe from threats by driving
and delivering the following critical operations. 

  • Threat Monitoring

    We will monitor and investigate indicators of compromise and intrusion, ensuring attackers are kept at bay.

  • Threat Hunting

    We will leverage analytics and expertise to proactively "hunt" for threats within your IT infrastructure, ensuring rogue insiders or deeply embedded threats are rooted out.

  • Incident Response

    We will quickly respond and stem further compromise if a successful attack occurs. We will manage and drive a full response, ensuring incident damage and cost is minimized.

  • Vulnerability Management

    We make it harder for threats to compromise your infrastructure and data by driving risk-based patch management operations, reducing vulnerabilities and risk.

  • Security Awareness Training

    We will keep your front-line secure by training your employees on cybersecurity hygiene how to spot social engineering (e.g., phishing) attacks, avoiding mistakes that result in system and data compromise.

  • Compliance Management

    We will help you navigate the complex landscape of regulatory requirements and drive incremental improvement so that by audit time, you are prepared to pass.

RADICL's vSOC is powered by our proprietary XTP Platform, designed by experts and leaders in security analytics, security operations, and artificial intelligence (AI).

RADICL's XTP Platform and cybersecurity expertise uniquely enable us to deliver enterprise-grade security operations, cyberthreat protection, and compliance adherence -- all purpose-built and priced for SMBs.