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Cyber threats come at you from many directions. They leverage various methods and
means, and some emerge from within. Avoiding and detecting them requires the use
of advanced technology and expert operators.

That’s where RADICL comes in.

We’ve developed RADICL XTP to provide deep-spectrum™ protection and visibility into all types
of cyber threats, so we can avoid them from wreaking havoc on your business.

Luckily, RADICL can protect you from all of the following threats.. and more.



It’s a known fact that the deployment and (expert) configuration of advanced endpoint protection significantly reduces the risk of ransomware installation. XTP:ENDPOINT has you well covered here. In the event ransomware does get through, XTP:HUNT will quickly identify any signs of infestation or lateral movement. XTP:RESPOND will quickly neutralize the ransomware before it can do any real damage.



Employees will make mistakes. RADICL XTP:AWARE will help reduce and prevent them. Security awareness training and phishing simulations significantly reduce the risk of employee mistakes becoming comprises. However, if a mistake is made, RADICL XTP:ENDPOINT will block the installation of known malware. XTP:HUNT and XTP:RESPOND provide extra layers of defense against highly advanced, custom malware.


Email & Account Compromise

XTP:AWARE provides knowledge and exercise-based employee training to reduce the probability of targeted attacks (e.g., phishing), system compromises, and fraud exposure. From ongoing training on cyber security concepts and best practices to simulated phishing attacks, employees improve their personal and professional cyber hygiene and learn how to spot and avoid attacks used against them.


Data Theft

Data theft and exposure can forever damage your brand and market competitiveness. Threats that have compromised the perimeter will masquerade as internal users. Employees or contractors can go rogue or be manipulated. XTP:HUNT ensures suspicious user and data activity gets noticed. XTP:RESPOND ensures incidents are quickly mitigated before damage is done. XTP:HARDEN and XTP:AWARE significantly reduce the risk of incidents ever occurring at all.


Financial Fraud

Cyber-related financial fraud is harder than ever to detect as threats leverage AI to better impersonate executives and employees.  XTP:AWARE helps employee's from being fooled and manipulated. XTP:HUNT monitors email and user activity for suspicious activity. XTP:RESPOND ensures suspected fraud is immediately investigated and stopped before wires get sent.


Compliance Failure

Audit passed. Compliance achieved. Four words that sound great together! XTP:COMPLY helps ensure you hear those words annually. We guide your compliance journey ensuring by audit time you are well prepared. Our expert-driven workflows ensure you are incrementally and continuously improving your compliance posture. Compliance dashboards provide leadership with real-time visibility into current compliance posture and risks.


Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)

Nation-state-sponsored threats - typically referred to as Advanced Persistent Threats, or APTs - are the highest class of threat adversaries. They will leverage all available attack methods and persistently attack until they succeed. RADICL XTP’s fullest arsenal of current and future capabilities is designed to protect against this class of adversary. Our complete set of capabilities makes it increasingly difficult for an APT to find footing, take ground, and stay hidden.