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EP 3 —  Rogue Space Systems's Jeromy Grimmett on the Horizon-less Possibilities of In-Space Services


On this week's episode of the DIB Innovators podcast, David talks with Jeromy Grimmett, Founder & CEO at Rogue Space Systems Corporation, a provider of sustainable in-space services. They discuss how the company was created and went from idea to an "orbot" in space in four years, what satellite projects they're working on, and the process for getting a craft onto a rocket and launched. They also discuss team leadership, how to drive innovation in the space arena, and what opportunities lay ahead for space economies and communications.

Topics discussed:

  • How Rogue Space Systems Corp. got off the ground by "brute force," and how they went from an idea to a satellite in space in four years.
  • An overview of the "orbots" that Rogue is creating, what's up in space now, and what the plan is for future launches.
  • The biggest challenges to getting a spacecraft launched, including regulatory and licensing.
  • The process of getting their “orbot” into space, including all the things that could go wrong and all the things that went right, and what it's like to see a rocket launch with your product on board.
  • How they drive innovation through having a great team, problem-solving, creativity, and embracing failure.
  • Where Rogue stands on their cybersecurity initiatives, and how they're taking proactive steps to protect their IP.
  • The biggest advancements for the future of space and the massive opportunities for innovation there.

Guest Quotes: 

"I've often said one of my favorite things about space is there is no horizon. Just keep going. There's always something that needs to be done. There's always an innovation, there's always a problem to solve. And chances are that problem can help us right here on earth. Solving that problem can more than likely help us right here. And I just love that. I love that aspect of what we do here." 

"It was a real treat to see that level of cooperation between people to advance the space industry and advance people within the space industry. It was this really welcoming environment that I wanted to be a part of." 

"The thing that takes the longest in the program of getting a spacecraft up into space is actually the regulatory and licensing. It's the legal part that is actually the most difficult obstacle to overcome."

"Driving innovation is doing everything I can to put a team into an environment where they can feel free to be creative, as creative as they possibly can be, and making sure they understand that it's okay to fail." 

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