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RADICL Unveiled

In the spring of 2021, Matt, Dave, and I kicked off RADICL with the fundamental goal of building a better future when it comes to protecting American innovation and critical infrastructure. We decided to focus our efforts on the most innovative and most vulnerable sector – small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs). These sub-500-employee companies are the workhorse of American innovation and make up much of our country's critical infrastructure. They are also woefully unprepared to defend themselves from nation-state threats that would seek to steal their inventions and disrupt their operations.

SMBs have been under-served and under-secured for a long time. They lack the resources and technology large enterprises leverage. SMBs cannot afford best-in-breed security products layered in a defense-in-depth architecture. They cannot afford to hire large teams of cybersecurity specialists to operate and maintain an advanced cybersecurity infrastructure nor monitor and respond to threats and incidents 24x7.

SMBs within the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) and those that serve critical infrastructure have an even more unique challenge: defending themselves from nation-state threat actors who are actively targeting and compromising them. These companies are being attacked by the most advanced cyber threat adversaries on the planet and they don’t stand a chance. Many are actively bleeding data and intelligence and are deeply compromised. These businesses MUST be better protected. RADICL’s mission is to make it so.

Today, I am excited to announce we have a powerful new partner towards the realization of our important mission, Paladin Capital Group. Like us, Paladin cares deeply about national security and immediately understood the importance of our mission. The team and I can’t thank Mourad, Tyler, and Paladin enough for joining us in this fight and leading our recently closed $9M seed round. We also thank Frank Mendicino and Access Venture Partners (AVP) who led our $3M pre-seed and came in again on the seed round. Thanks as well to Denver Angels and our new and existing collection of strategic angels who also joined in the seed round. As a company, we are incredibly fortunate to have such an experienced and capable set of investors surrounding and supporting us.

With the launch of this press release, RADICL is officially coming out of stealth. We’re excited to share what we have built in support of our important mission. In addition to showcasing the RADICL XTP Platform and Xperience, there are several other initiatives we’ll share over the coming weeks and months:

  • information that should help SMBs better secure themselves and address compliance needs – regardless of whether they decide to work with us or not.
  • results of a state-of-SMB-security survey within the DIB that will shine a light on why we’re doing what we’re doing.
  • a new, RADICL podcast with our first series focused on celebrating and recognizing innovators in the DIB.

The past two years have been a flurry of innovation, design and engineering to build what we believe is the planet’s best security operations and analytics platform. We are certainly far from done, and in many ways only getting started. That being said, what we have built is extremely powerful and capable and allows us to deliver a class of protection at a price point previously unattainable to SMBs. RADICL is fortunate to have an incredible team of uniquely capable, talented engineers and security specialists who have come through on many challenging fronts – thank you Team RADICL!

Even though RADICL is coming out of stealth, the launch of our general availability (GA) offering is still a few months away. Because our mission demands the absolute best, since mid-summer, we have been conducting a limited availability pilot program. The support and feedback from our early adopters are much appreciated and have proven invaluable. Once we are confident the RADICL XTP Platform and Xperience meet our very high expectations, we will launch commercially. When we do, we are confident we will bring a new level of protection to those SMBs striving to keep America secure and her critical infrastructure safe.