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Matt Petersen is a software innovator with extensive knowledge of Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) with deep technical knowledge and experience in data ingestion and processing pipelines, analytics engines, workflow automation, and high-performance web applications.

Matt began his technology career as the fifth employee of LogRhythm serving as their first Systems Engineer. During LogRhythm’s early years, he played a crucial role supporting the successful launch and growth of the company including designing customer architectures, helping close early sales, deploying and supporting customer solutions, and providing input into the product roadmap.

As LogRhythm’s growth accelerated, Matt was asked to lead the critical function of machine data intelligence.  Matt built a high-performing team responsible for understanding the log data coming from hundreds of unique data sources (firewalls, intrusion detection systems, operating systems, applications, etc.).  Over time, the responsibilities of the team expanded to include the development of advanced correlation rules and compliance suites.  Through Matt’s leadership and the work of his team, LogRhythm quickly established itself as a leader in data intelligence, correlative threat detection, and compliance automation.

In 2010, Matt decided it was time to pursue his next passion and moved into a software development role.  During his time as a software engineer, Matt worked on most aspects of the LogRhythm next-gen SIEM.  He was one of the few engineers who understood and could develop across the entire product line.  Matt was instrumental in the development and enhancement of LogRhythm’s AI Engine, a highly differentiated technology that enabled the detection and response of advanced threats.  Matt played a key role in improving the data processing pipeline by designing and implementing automatic tuning algorithms that improved data throughput up to 5X. Matt was also the principal engineer responsible for architecting and developing the backend data presentation and analytics tier for LogRhythm’s web interface. Through Matt’s work in optimizing data processing and delivery, the LogRhythm web UI became highly differentiated and raised the SIEM industry bar for a high-speed highly responsive user experience.

Matt lives in Loveland Colorado. He enjoys spending time with his wife Lisa, 1-year-old daughter, and 20-year-old son. One of his passions is building and modifying wheeled vehicles. He, his son, and a team of fellow enthusiasts have built and raced a competitive race car from the ground up. They compete in endurance races which are regarded as one of the most challenging forms of motor racing events.


One of my childhood dreams has been to serve my nation in some capacity. Co-founding RADICL allows me to realize this dream by designing and developing a technology platform that will truly safeguard businesses from ransomware while also keeping American-made inventions out of the hands of our nation’s adversaries.